Summary (English)

rThe project is based on the production of a documentary (40-50 min) and 3 short films and their dissemination through several platforms. The audiovisual products will focus on Syngnathid fish (seahorses, sea dragons and pipe fish) as a tool to raise awareness for the conservation of marine biodiversity. The thread will be based on the research carried out by the Group of Biology and Physisology of Fish Larvae at IIM (CSIC) in Vigo (Spain), which is pioneer worldwide on the study of this group of fishes.

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The use of Syngnathids as flagship species of marine biodiversity responds to its unique morphology and biology (with many features unknown to most people), their vulnerability, and their current protection status by law due to the regression of wild populations, which is generally the result of habitat (seagrass meadows) degradation. their charming for youth and citizens. Furthermore, based on the attraction that children and youth feel for those species, the project will have a high pedagogical and educational content.